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Finally an update!

Hey folks, just a few quick things to journal.

Going to British Columbia here in a little bit, to the Kootenays. If you've ever had Kokanee beer, well it's a little place right under the Kokanee glacier. Going to be there for two weeks or so, from the Dec 19th through to the 7th of January. Good long break from reality.

And speaking of reality, I'm going to be employed! A little graphics design firm here call Inkspirations is gonna hire me part time as a webdesigner. Which means vasts amounts of cash for little work! Yes! Can't wait till then...I'll be able to afford DSL, a MMORPG, DVDs, and other expensive geeky things. Plus save for travelling around Europe.

If I don't update before the 19th, I'll see you all after!

Merry Christmas and a Bitchin' New Year!
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